Amazon’s Cashless Tech in Bigger Stores?

Amazon is reportedly testing out its cashier-less technology in bigger stores.

Let’s recap. Back in January, the first Amazon cashier-less store opened in Seattle. This is followed by additional stores in Chicago and San Francisco. Items picked up by customers in these stores are scanned by mounted cameras and a software which then charges them accordingly. This essentially bypasses the entire usual check-out process.

Currently, Amazon cashier-less stores are the size of a small convenience store and this means fewer products and customers to keep track of. There were incidents where the stores failed to function when there are more than 20 customers inside. Amazon has claimed to improve the technology ever since but still encountered difficulties in deploying them in stores with large spaces, high ceilings and more items.

Now, it has been reported that Amazon is testing the technology in a “large space formatted like a big store”.

Meanwhile, Amazon plans to open as many as 3,000 of such stores by 2021. This would mean competing with larger chains like Walmart. And speaking of Walmart, back in October, it announced that it was opening an almost similar experimental cashier-less outlet in Texas. In this outlet, customers would instead use a phone app to scan their items. It seems competition is slowly catching up.


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