Worry-Not: Lazada Stamps Guarantee on Milk Formula

Lazada launches its Milk Formula Guarantee Programme, in a move to show its commitment ensuring product reliability and freshness for all milk formula stock-keeping-units (SKUs) on Lazada Malaysia.

Supported by reputable manufacturers including Abbott, Fonterra Brands, Friesland-Campina, Nestle, and Wyeth; the programme is the first of its kind guarantee found on eCommerce sites in Malaysia.

(From L-R): Dr. Mohamed Ragheb Shaarawy, Business Executive Officer, Wyeth Nutrition, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei; Kenny Wong, Business Executive Officer, Nestle Infant Nutrition; Eugenie Laarman-Boekel, Marketing Manager, Friso; Christophe Lejeune, Chief Executive Officer, Lazada Malaysia; Karen Ong, Marketing Director, Fonterra Brands; Robert Cleveland, General Manager, Abbott; Andrew Gnananantham, Chief Marketing Officer, Lazada Malaysia

According to Christophe Lejeune, Lazada Malaysia’s newly minted Chief Executive Officer, this move addresses the key barriers to purchasing infant formula online. “Customers are concerned about the source and shelf life of milk formula products, especially when the sellers are unknown. Through this programme, we can reassure customers that every pack of milk powder they purchase on Lazada are compliant to specific necessary standards,” Lejeune said.

The Lazada Milk Formula Guarantee Programme outlines two main priorities:

  1. Product Reliability – All milk formula SKUs covered under the Lazada Milk Formula Guarantee Programme are sourced directly from the brands and their manufacturers.
  2. Product Freshness – All milk formula SKUs covered under the Lazada Milk Formula Guarantee Programme have a period-to-expiry of six months at the minimum

The programme is supported by Lazada Malaysia’s strict supply chain management, including its hygienic and ‘First-Expiry-First-Out’ method of warehousing, as well as the usage of trusted third-party logistics partners. “The Lazada Milk Formula Guarantee Programme is more than just a seal because we go beyond just complying with standard industry guidelines. We operate in ways that demonstrate responsibility to our customers and have complete conviction in our supply chains to continuously provide shoppers with a seamless shopping experience,” Lejeune adds.  

Additionally, Lazada Malaysia will be compensating its customers with a 200% mixed refund via 100% cashback and 100% compensation vouchers should the quality guarantee policy be breached – making it the only eCommerce platform in Malaysia to provide such compensations.

Lazada Malaysia also officially announced the appointment of Christophe Lejeune as Lazada Malaysia’s Chief Executive Officer, succeeding Hans-Peter Ressel who has been promoted as Group Chief International Officer. Lejeune has worked with the company since 2015 as Chief Commercial Officer of Lazada Malaysia. In his new role, Lejeune will continue to spearhead and underline Lazada’s aim in providing Malaysians with unsurpassed shopping experiences on the platform.


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