World Of Warcraft Joins Bandwagon Of Providing Double XP Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

In a bid to providing an extra incentive for players, World of Warcraft has announced they will be providing double XP to all its players.

World of Warcraft added a 100% XP buff, called ‘Winds of Wisdom’, and will be active until 20 April.

No player is excluded from access to this limited-time buff. Whether you’re a free-to-play Starter Edition player or a Legion Edition player, Blizzard Entertainment is providing it as a perk to all players who stay inside during this very difficult time.

Earlier in March, some other gamesĀ have also provided double XP to all its players in a bid to discourage them from going outdoors, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Games that have provided the XP bonus amid the pandemic include EA’s Star Wars: Battlefront IIĀ and Microsoft’s Halo games,Ā Halo: The Master Chief CollectionĀ andĀ Halo 5.

Battlefront IIĀ will have its XP bonus active until 27 March, while it’s not mentioned how long bothĀ HaloĀ games intend to have their double XP bonus on for, though Microsoft also threw in additional boost packs for their Arena and Warzone game modes to players who log in weekly.

Other games have provided double XP throughout last weekend, too, like Ubisoft’sĀ Rainbow Six: Siege and Bethesda’sĀ Fallout 76, though they appear to not have coincided with the current restricted movement order and lockdowns happening in several countries across the globe.

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