Will Donald Trump Prioritize His Presidential Re-election Campaign Over The Lives Of Americans?

It’s crazy to think that just a month or so ago, countless of Americans were still under the illusion that the coronavirus pandemic would not be that big of a deal in the United States. While that may sound like a careless mentality to have now, it’s hard to blame them.

You see, in the early weeks of the coronavirus pandemic, the message from the White House was consistently clear: We have it under control. From as early as January, Trump has literally been lying about the preparedness of his administration, going as far as to say “We’re prepared, and we’re doing a great job with it. And it will go away. Just stay calm. It will go away.”

The thing is, it didn’t.

But that hasn’t stopped Trump from using that narrative. In fact, he seems to perpetually bring up that he was right to place travel restrictions on people coming in from China. That’s great and all, but the fact of the matter is that he knew about how infectious the virus is early on and still insisted that they had it under control in spite having no categorical evidence that they did.

It seems that as time progresses, the reason for his delusion is becoming increasingly clear. Other than the simple fact that he’s dropped the ball on his administrations response to the outbreak, Trump seems to have one eye on the 2020 elections and is adamant on making it seem like his administration is on top of the outbreak because of that.

In recent weeks, President Trump has been looking to get the US economy up and running ASAP. The idea of loosening social distancing measure was floated around for a while before it was dismissed on the advice of medical experts. On Wednesday, he said he would like to reopen the U.S. economy with a “big bang” but conceded that the deaths would have to be on the downslope before that could happen.

While he didn’t give a timeframe on when exactly the economy would open, his chief economic adviser Larry Kudlow estimated that this could be done in four to eight weeks from now. The worry here is that Trump is going to prioritize his re-election campaign over the health and well being of American citizens.

Seeking re-election on November 3rd, it’s becoming increasingly obvious that the only thing that’s stopping Trump from getting the economy going again are his medical advisors, who are urging caution out of concern that trying to return to some sense of normalcy too early could lead to a renewed outbreak.

The situation is rather precarious because Trump has time and time again proved to be someone who only needs just an ounce of data that validates his opinion before making a decision that could affect millions.

In response to the good news that the fatality rate among Americans may fall far short of projections, the president said that “We’re ahead of schedule,” . Don’t be surprised if he cites something like that should he decide to prematurely get the economy going again.





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