Why MySejahtera Should Be The Universal Tracing App And Rest Scrapped

The government should make MySejahtera as the only app needed for contact tracing and make it the single personal data recording tool. Currently, there are various methods for Malaysians to give their details, in Selangor there is Selangkah, outlets having their own system, and shops going traditional with pen and paper. To make things efficient and MOH to trace better if an outbreak occurs, 1 all platform is essential.

This view is shared by Malaysian Medical Association (MMA) president Dr N. Ganabaskaran, according to him the government’s decision to make MySejahtera mandatory for all businesses nationwide would not only facilitate contact tracing in the event of COVID-19 infections but also better protect customers’ information.

Most premises now have the QR code for the app readily available, public should only require to download one app and universally use it at all places. Dr Ganabaskaran concurs, “By downloading the app, we can use it everywhere. For me, it is safer in protecting personal information,” he added.

There is also the concern over possible misuse of personal details given to business outlets, such as the sale of mobile phone numbers by irresponsible parties. People are also using scare tactics to prevent from downloading the app, claiming the government will be able to monitor every movement and hols that against the user. This is a fallacy and we believe the government has bigger things to worry about rather that checking on its people.

Its worth considering, with the spike in Covid-19 cases its necessary for the authorities to be able to track the patients and keep tab on their contact list. Health director-general Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah requests that all business owners to use the MySejahtera application as it would be gazetted under the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases Act 1988 (Act 342).  Dr Noor Hisham said the move was necessary as the Ministry of Health (MOH) was facing difficulty in tracing close contacts of COVID-19 cases detected at public places.

So in this aspect, we do think the urgent need to assist our healthcare personals to curb spreads can only be achieved with MySejahtera, its faster and the information is accurate. Lets give these team a boost by making it the only app and have all other apps scrappe


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