WHO Records High Number of Covid-19 Recovery

Chinese factories resume operation after the extended break. image Xinhuanet.com

The World Health Organisation (WHO), has issued the top 10 countries that have recorded the highest  number of recovery from the dreaded Covid-19 epidemic that has left the people of the planet in a state of worry for the past 2 months.

As of today 18,888 patients have recovered including those in Malaysia, out of which China the epicenter of the spread recorded 18,714 recovery of 77,003 cases followed by South Korea 16 cases out of 204 and Japan 22 out of 105. This is clearly an increase from earlier days when patients detected with the viral infection were higher that those recovering, but the situation is waning as the quarantine and special attention given by Chinese health officers are taking effect.

Singapore which had 85 cases and listed number 4 with the highest number of cases in Southeast Asia also saw increased recovery of close to 50% or 37 who are now free to leave the hospital. Meanwhile, Hubei the province hardest hit by the virus reported 366 new cases with 106 deaths bringing the total confirmed case in that region to 63,454. Wuhan the provincial capital however 314 new cases and 90 deaths with a total registered death of 1774.

Signs of the disease abating is there but nations and industries are taking a cautious approach, manufacturing in China has resumed, with many factories operating but with strict pandemic health measures in place. Will things be back to normalcy, we will have to wait and give another few months, in Malaysia, WHO has praised the Health Ministry of being able to contain the spread despite we having more population than Singapore. Maybe also for us Malaysian’s being less kiasu and who just like to continue doing what we love the most, eat, go outdoors and bask in the sun.

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