Visa Launches Financial Literacy Themed Game To Manage Malaysian Youth’s Financial Expectation

In an effort to improve financial literacy, Visa has launched a financial literacy themed web game called “Mind Your Ringgit” to train and manage the expectations of young Malaysians when they begin to earn their own wages.

Mind Your Ringgit is a choice-based game in which players will be asked questions relevant to real-life scenarios comprise the financial scams, digital payment, insurance, investment, loan, and saving that they might encounter in real life.

Visa Country Manager for Malaysia, Ng Kong Boon said, “As the world’s leader in digital payments, we strongly feel the responsibility to instill financial literacy among the youths of today in order to create a generation of adults who can make wise financial decisions and be financially independent.”

The 12-month simulation game requires players to select their yearly financial goal and set the milestone to achieve for each month. They also need to ensure the money is enough to cover their financial commitments. The game includes a budget manager tool to keep players on track and consistent.

“Upon completing the game, players will enhance their financial tips through the instant feedback, addition or deduction of the money, health, and happiness attributes when they make each choice at the end of each month,” Ng Kong added.

The game is launched in conjunction with Global Money Week, derived from the acronym MYR, code for Malaysian Ringgit.  It also developed to favor the financial education Network, co-chaired by Bank Negara Malaysia and Securities Commission Malaysia.

Mind Your Ringgit is currently being rolled out in four phases on a bi-weekly basis. Malaysians can access month one to month three of the game on

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