Caught On Camera? Viral Meteor Shower In Broad Daylight Video Turns Out To Be Fake

With the power of CGI, animation and film making, it’s actually sometimes hard to tell if something is real or not. Especially if so much effort has been put into it. We see these “caught on camera” videos almost everyday on social media but which one of them are real? Hard to say.

There have been videos “capturing” monsters appearing in the water or woods, ghosts throwing tantrums in the kitchen, those weird Siren-head sightings on TikTok and UFOs flying across in another location in United States. Honestly why is it always America? Why can’t we get a UFO videos somewhere in South East Asian countries? Let us get some of that excitement as well!

Anyways, the latest video that went viral was posted by Sci-Nature Hub on Twitter that showed meteor showers in broad daylight. The video was published here on August 30. It has been viewed more than 196,000 times. I don’t know about you but the video looked very believable.

But, turns out the video posted was fake. Yes, fake. I’ll admit thought, it was a good fake. The video was reposted on multiple social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram. You can see for your self in this Instagram posts. The viral meteor shower video was created using an animation software. The next two videos from the same post will show how it was created.

France-based user with the handle South Lab, the owner of the Instagram account showed how exactly the video was created using computer software Adobe After Effects in those 2 videos. I don’t support spreading fake videos but I have to say the results are pretty impressive. Good job to the creator though.

A corresponding YouTube account shared the same video here. The video’s French title translates to English as: “Making of VFX – Meteor shower [After Effects]”. The false claim was also debunked by Twitter user Hoaxeye on August 30.

What viral videos have you seen that turned out to be fake? Share them with us!

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