US State Considers Allowing Emojis On Number Plates; Why?!

We sure have come a long way in the automotive industry. I mean, we’ve not exactly reached the promised heights of flying cars or anything but vehicles these days come with some sick features, on top of having a greener footprint.

As far as cars have come though, one thing has pretty much remained unchanged throughout the years and that’s number plates. Of course, you get the occasional fancy looking vanity plate but bar some genius putting PEN15 or MCB 7777, it’s pretty straightforward stuff.

In Vermont, USA however, that normality might just be a thing of the past. A new bill introduced in the Vermont House of Representatives is calling to permit the use of emojis on state number plates. That’s right, freakin emojis.

The bill, which was tabled by Democrat Rebecca White, will give drivers the option to add one from a list of six selected emojis to their cars number plate. So, not only will you have numbers and letters on your vehicle, but also an emoji. No news yet on just how much adding an emoji to your number plate will cost but hey, anything to add the winking emoji to your number plate, right?

The use of emojis on number plates isn’t exactly something new. Last year, Queensland, Australia allowed its citizens to add one of five emojis on their plates. If you ask me, I think this is ridiculous. I mean yeah, it looks like a lot of fun and all but lets say there’s a hit and run and you want to report the license plate to the cops. You make the call and when they ask you for the plate number, all you remember is that damn winking emoji!!!!!! Extreme example, but you get my point.

I’m sure lots of you disagree with me here, so speak your mind in the comments!


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