US 5G Roadshow On ‘Clean Network’ Has Gotten China Hopping Mad

US Hates China, is it a too strong a statement? Lets have a look, first the President of United States went publicly claiming the largest telecommunication from mainland was complicit of spying and working for the Chinese government. He goes on to ban the network manufacturer from doing business in the States and instructed all American companies to stop supplying any products or services. Not contend with that, the administration is now on a roadshow rallying other nations to stop working with Chinese network providers, an act seem to globally tarnish China’s reputation.

This has gotten to a level where Beijing have responded and called on the international community to reject U.S. hegemonic interference in other countries’ 5G cooperation, and uphold a fair, just, open and non-discriminatory business environment.

Just as recent media reports have stated U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo signed with the Slovenian foreign minister a joint declaration on 5G security during his visit to the country. A move undertaken by the US to get nations in line with US stand on China made network, the Secretary of State calls the road who about joint efforts to build a clean network.

China calls this preposterous, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian claims the secretary of state is of a country with cyber theft stains all over it, Pompeo should have the audacity to propose the building of a so-called “clean network.”

“Now that the so-called ‘clean network’ seems to be Pompeo’s pet phrase, perhaps he should explain to us, why is it that the shadowy figure of the United States can be found in cyber espionage activities from PRISM to Equation Group to ECHELON? Why is it that American intelligence authorities run a 24/7 surveillance of cellphones and computers all over the world, even eavesdropping on leaders of U.S. allies for over a decade? This is apparently the modus operandi of a hacker state,” Zhao said.

5G is the next evolution in terms of telecommunication technology, said to be the accelerator in nation advancement, 5G is set to revolutionise countries, cities, industries and nearly every sector. The pipeline that will spur Industrial 4.0 will be omnipresent and no nation would want to be left out from this future technology. But the costly infrastructure has very few players and China is among the leaders with Huawei already ahead of many other European counterparts. Fear of one company controlling the 5G global network kick started the Presidents tirade against China and has now grown to a full blown cold war. Whether Huawei is guilty of any of the accusations thrown at it is yet to be proven but already many of US’s allies are toeing America’s stand, China of course is not very pleased.

Zhou insist that US should stop meddling in other countries’ 5G rollout and to openly coerce allies into excluding Huawei is dirty and unscrupulous.

“I’m afraid what they have in mind is not a ‘clean network,’ but an ‘American Network;’ not a ‘secure 5G network,’ but a ‘U.S. surveillance network;’ not protection of ‘privacy and liberties’ of the individual, but consolidation of ‘digital hegemony’ of the United States,” he goes on to add.

China is in uncharted territory and will have trouble putting out diplomatic bush fires created by US politicians, the country may be advanced technologically but no one can play the physiological war games better than the Americans. Pompeo and Trump have already convinced, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, India and Slovenia, the worst is about to come as the road show just started and the President is seeking popularity votes.

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