U Mobile’s MLCC All Set For Explosive Return With More Teams, More Winnings & More On Offer For Season 2

Following the smashing success that was it’s first season, in which LAG from UiTM Puncak Alam pulled off an amazing feat to claim the coveted title during the Season 1, U Mobile’s Mobile Legends Campus Championship makes a return and this time, it’s bigger and better and more rewarding than ever for another round of an exciting tournament for the students. .

Covid-19 may have moved the battleground online, but it only served to strengthen the raw passion, desire and determination of those who have been stuck at home for the past 3 months eagerly awaiting for the tournament to kick-off in anticipation of their participation.

The tournament has now expanded throughout Malaysia, that’s right! It’s heading out east this year to include Sabah and Sarawak, enabling U Mobile to reach out to more than 300 campuses nationwide.

Set to take place over the course of five months, MLCC Season 2 will kick-off it’s nationwide search at the end of June 2020, going from region to region to unearth the 14 state champions to battle it out at the National Campus Grand Finals in November 2020.

Participating teams can look forward to winning a total prize pool amounting to a whopping RM58,000 in cash and 33,840 in-game Diamonds. At the state level, each champion will take home RM1,350 in cash and 600 in-game diamonds while runners up bank RM650 in cash and 420 in-game diamonds.

Things heat up at the national level, with the MLCC Season 2 Champion set to pocket RM10,000 and 5520 in-game diamonds. Second and third place take home RM7,000 with 4320 in-game diamonds and RM5000 with 3120 in-game diamonds respectively.

In this second season of UMMLCC, U Mobile has also taken the side activities happening on campus during each stop to a whole new level and this time, it’s not just the students but the lecturers as well who are going to be excited.

There is also a brand new category this year, i.e., a high school tournament in which students aged 13-17 will have the opportunity to battle it out against each other for the prospect of winning RM1,000. The winner will get the opportunity to play against the National winner of the UMMLCC tournament in a show match on the day of the grand finale. There are bragging rights on the line here, people!

Season 2 of UMMLCC will bring with it the prospect of unearthing new talents by actively seeking for the next Shout Caster throughout the tournament, in a hunt that’s open to both students and teachers. The winner will have the opportunity to cast together with a professional Shout Caster for 1 of the matches during the grand finale.

With all this and so much more on offer, it’s little wonder that the excitement for season 2 of UMMLCC is at its peak. If you’re interested in signing up for season 2 of MLCC, you can do so HERE.

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