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Twitter Raises Following Limit from 2,000 to 5,000 Accounts

Twitter Raises Following Limit from 2,000 to 5,000 Accounts


Twitter has had a turbulent month. It’s former CEO, Jack Dorsey has returned to the throne and wasted no time shaking up things at the company in pursuit of more followers, and of course, more money.

It has laid off quite a number of employees. Then, in an effort to raise morale, Dorsey has given away a third of his shares in the company to his employees. After the last earnings report, many updates have been announced too; an updated OS X app, curated Moments feed, tweet collections, polls and basically more ads on Twitter.

There have been talks about increasing the 140-character limit on the social platform to make it more user-friendly. What’s more definite, Twitter will definitely raise the current restriction on number of followers from 2,000 to 5,000 accounts for all users.


Since following on Twitter is not mutual, Twitter has been monitoring automated and bulk following and unfollowing behaviours on its site which can be considered as spam since it was done only to garner attention or circumvent the limit by changing follower-to-following ratio. It is also an annoyance to other Twitter users.

Now, you can follow up to 5,000 accounts on Twitter and once you’ve reached that number, any additional following allowed will depend on the number of followers you have. Agressive following behaviour may result in account suspension.

This move isn’t only about the company’s confidence in its anti-spam tools, but also a tactic to attract users. Nevertheless, many users have left Twitter because of its content or lack of it. While more followers may increase the chances that you’ll see something interesting on your feed, at the end of the day it depends on whether Twitter has done enough to keep you around longer.

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