Toshiba 10TB HDD Built For High-Def Surveillance Video

Having the latest surveillance cameras installed gives business or home owners a sense of security knowing their perimeter is being monitored. With high definition equipment, resolution of images are much sharper and clearer allowing post investigative work much easier. But storing all this streams minute by minute over the course can be laborious and expensive. Toshiba has the perfect hard disk drive for this form of storing.

The company has just announced  a 3.5 inch HDD capable of storing up to 10 terabyte of data at an extremely fast speed. MD06ACA-V Series offers storage capacity from live monitoring and streaming from networked cameras in remote locations that usually require higher capacities and higher performance HDD’s.

V series air-based HDD comes with an improved magnetic recording head and disk magnetic layer, and comes  in 10TB, 8TB and 6TB capacities. They are all capable of delivering 7,200 rpm, a 256MiB buffer memory, and the 10TB model’s data transfer rate of 237 MiB/s . They can handle up to 64 cameras in high definition and perform in temperatures from 0 to 70 degree Celsius.

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