The US Senate Can’t Stop Bickering About How To Tackle The Covid-19 Virus & Americans Are Suffering For It

It’s almost ironic that when it came to wars that didn’t occur on its own soil, the United States was decisive in its actions, but when it comes to an actual crisis in their own backyard, the only action that can be seen is going down on the senate floor as politicians bicker on the best way to deal with the Covid-19 outbreak.

As it stands, the US has 41,569 cases, with 504 deaths and 187 recoveries but even as the situation is worsening, US lawmakers are literally clashing over phase three of its coronavirus response package. As has been the case for decades, political ideologies seem to be getting in the way of sh*t getting done, as the Democrats blocked Republican efforts to advance the massive stimulus bill for the second day in a row.

Currently stalled on a 49-46 vote, it needs 60 to pass and both sides are at loggerheads over the bill. The Democrats argument is that the US$ 1 trillion package that was tabled benefitted large corporations too much and weighed against workers. The Republicans however, are accusing them of playing politics and using the crisis as leverage in order to push through an unrelated “wish list” of items concerning climate change and what not.

It’s all looking like a case of he said she said as both sides talk up their respective stances and accuse each other of not having the nations best interest at heart. For some strange reason, both sides are unable to grasp the fact that as they continue to bicker, hundreds of thousands of Americans now find themselves in the fight of their lives. The sad part is that there’s a good chance most of them don’t even know it yet.

As the virus spreads rapidly in states like New York, Washington and California, other states have reported minimal or no cases. That however, isn’t exactly good news. Case in point, President Donald Trump recently cited West Virginia as the only state in the nation with no confirmed cases of coronavirus. Which would be great and all except that the state had only tested 84 people at the time; of course there were no cases.

Donald Trump is clearly in over his head, and with the US rising up to third on the list of countries with the most Covid-19 cases, the US government best sort their differences out as soon as possible. If you’re from the United States and you’re reading this, we implore you to isolate yourself and practice social distancing.

Based on what we’re hearing, there are limited amounts of testing kits available and not everyone who wants to get tested, can get tested. To anyone who has symptoms and has been in close contact with someone who has had a positive coronavirus test: Please get tested. To everyone else, follow the CDC guidelines found HERE. 



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