The Highly Anticipated HONOR 20 Series Gets A New Ambassador

HONOR Malaysia continues to keep fans guessing!

Having previously worked with some notable names from the Malaysian entertainment scene such as local actor/comedian/singer Zizan Razak, singer/rapper/songwriter SonaOne and the recently announced catbassador, Captain Meow (such a disappointing name tbh) as its official product ambassadors, HONOR is back at it with a fresh new face- except this time, they won’t tell us who it is.

The mysterious ambassador is no stranger to the local entertainment scene and is known for TV dramas and talk shows after only a few years in the industry. The actress and TV host started off as a model and has a penchant for beauty and fashion. How interesting, right?

The upcoming smartphone is part of HONOR Malaysia’s initiative to bridge the gap between fashion and tech as seen in a collaboration with fashion brand Moschino and a contest for HONOR’s Chief Fashion Officers to #CaptureWonder with HONOR in London. You’ve got to admire HONOR for giving the opportunity for those with a passion for fashion to really express themselves in London, it’s a unique initiative.

Any guesses for who the next ambassador is? Will the ambassador be part of HONOR’s mission to define fashion? I mean, odds are yes. But who knows, i guess? Keep an eye out for our next announcement!

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