Netflix Upgrades Its Sound Quality

You probably didn’t notice this at all if no one brought it up but Netfix’s sound experience on its original shows and license content is lacklustre. After season two of Stranger Things air, Netflix engineers realised the sound experience wasn’t that great. Because of that, Netflix came up with a solution to improve the sound by increasing the bit rate of all audio streams from 192Kbps up to 640Kbps. It also brought its adaptive video streaming process to audio streaming. That’s a machine learning algorithm that analyzes your connection to adapt video streaming in real time. The same will now happen with your audio experience. The better your connection, the better the sound.

You need an extra 10Mbps to handle the high quality audio. To experience the better sound quality you might need better speakers. The sound is optimized for streaming boxes, speakers, and soundbars that can support Dolby 5.1 and Dolby Atmos. If your equipment doesn’t meet those standards, then you won’t take advantage of Netflix’s new sound experience.

The upgrade is rolling out to users on Wednesday, and, as long as you meet the conditions above, you should get better sound on Netflix automatically.


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