The Facebook App Might Finally Have A Dark Mode Theme Setting Soon

How many of you guys prefer dark modes for your social media? I’m one of the them. Almost all of my social media apps are set to dark mode except Instagram and Whatsapp. I prefer to keep them as they are. But Facebook never had that option for us to set it to Dark Mode. Why Facebook? Why do you want our eyes to suffer?

But our prayers have finally been answered as Facebook is finally testing out its Dark Mode setting on its mobile app. Yes, unfortunately you cannot set this on the website itself, yet but it’s a start as most of us would usually scroll through using our phones anyway.

Facebook is reportedly testing a Dark Mode theme setting on its dedicated app for both Android and iOS devices. The dark mode theme setting has actually been in testing phase since June so they’ve been working on this for a while now and it was only been available to selected users for feedback.

Does this mean the testing mode is coming out globally soon? We can only expect so. Facebook’s Dark Mode was first discovered by well-known researcher Jane Manchun Wong on her official Twitter account @wongmjane.

After she personally texted a Facebook representative who then disclosed that the Dark Mode is already in its rollout phase, the feature was confirmed. Nevertheless, do note that until this moment, only a few users have received this feature. She tweeted this:

I think it pretty much works like the other apps on how to turn the dark mode setting on. Simply go to your Settings and Privacy Toggle in the Facebook menu tab and from there you will be allowed to choose Light or Dark Mode for your Facebook mobile app.

So when can we expect this setting to be available? Can’t say for now as it is still in testing phase but hopefully soon. I see no reason why it shouldn’t be out. Come on Facebook, help our eyes. Either way, just be sure to update your app whenever there’s new updates to see if the setting is available. Until then, we’ll just have to wait.

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