Popping Up With A New Look And Name; Dahmakan Is Rebranding Itself As Pop Meals

If you’re just about to download Dahmakan to order some food for yourself, you might be confused as to why it’s not there but if you recognise the logo before, you’d have no problem finding it cause now it looks like the logo is peeling off to reveal a new logo.

Dahmakan has a new logo? More like a new name. And logo. Yes, the online food service app is now rebranding itself as Pop Meals. I kinda like the new name. It takes away the confusion of “Dahmakan” the app and “Dah makan” the sentence/question so I don’t mind this so much actually.

How different will it be from before? Not to worry, there won’t be much changes to the new branding. Everything will be exactly how you’re familiar with before. Just that it has a new name and logo. If you search Dahmakan on the search bar and click on the link, you will now be redirected to a new URL at www.popmeals.com.my.

Of course, when you’re rebranding, you have to promote it everywhere, right? The company’s social media platforms are also getting the new make-over. Same account and same content for Facebook and Instagram. As for Twitter, the original Dahmakan Twitter page has now been replaced by a new account at twitter.com/popmeals_my.

Okay, the service will still be the same but it doesn’t hurt to introduce people to some new features, promotions and services right? Via its “Popular Meals Chart,” Pop Meals promises to provide “an exciting lineup of incredibly delicious meals” to both new and existing customers.

The company explains that for different categories, the chart system displays the most popular meals of the day, in order to help clients easily pick which dish they should try out.

If you’re worried about having to create a new account, you’d be happy to know that those with existing Dahmakan accounts will still have those accounts. Just be sure to update the app and you’ll be good to go.

What do you think of this new change? Do you like it?

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