Tesco’s Scan & Shop Still Remains After The Rebranding

If you are someone who loves to (or must) buy your groceries, the name Tesco should be very familiar to you. However, recently there was an announcement that the supermarket chain will be rebranded, going by the name Lotus’s Malaysia

Here’s a quick economy lesson. Apparently the rebranding happens due to Tesco selling its Thailand and Malaysian business to Thailand’s CP Group for GBP 8 billion.

The rebranding has brought questions from consumers regarding every aspect. One that we are going to talk about is the digital platform of Tesco. As we know, Tesco has its own app known as Scan & Shop hence the question arises whether the app will still be there or not.

To answer the question very briefly, you may sigh in relief because yes, it will still be there. The inclusion also involves Tesco Online and their multichannel platforms such as Lazada and Shopee.

For clarity, the Scan & Shop app allows you to do the checkout faster at the cashier without the need of taking each item out from your shopping cart. The app also works as a price checker and includes your Tesco Clubcard details for points collecting.

For the Clubcard holders, you can still collect and redeem points as usual until any further notice is given by Lotus’s Malaysia regarding the loyalty programme.

The rebranding makes the ending of Tesco Malaysia after almost 20 years since the opening of its first hypermarket store at Puchong in May 2002. It started as a joint-venture between Sime Darby Berhad and Tesco plc and then acquired Makro in Malaysia in 2007. Currently, it has more than 60 stores throughout the country.

Lotus’s Malaysia parent company, CP Group, is Thailand’s largest conglomerate which aside from agricultural and retail business, the group also runs a telecommunications business under its True Corporation subsidiary.

It’s good to know that there’s no drastic change due to the rebranding. Hopefully the regarding wouldn’t affect the demographic of Tesco’s customers. It is just a rebranding, not a quality change whatsoever.

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