Garmin Malaysia Launched A Trade-in Promotion For fēnix 6 Series

Garmin Malaysia today announced a trade-in promotion for the latest fēnix series, fēnix 6. The promotion will take place from February 18 to March 31 as part of Garmin’s initiative to hype the fans of the premium series, with rebates worth RM 300 and RM 610 respectively.

Any trade-ins of fēnix 3 and fēnix 5 series smartwatches, desired buyers will receive a rebate of RM 300 and RM 610 respectively only if the watches are in good condition.

The requisite for the promotions are:

  • Good condition and wearable original watch band
  • Ability to switch on and off
  • All five buttons are functionable (Start & Stop button, Up, Middle & Down button)
  • Heart-rate sensor is functionable (HR number with light)
  • Screen is free of cracks but scratches on the watch bezel are accepted
  • Accompanied with a usable charging cable

Aece Technologies Sdn Bhd reserves the right to deny any reimbursement of used watches that fail to comply with the given criteria.

Garmin Malaysia aspires to educate the public on the benefits of consistent health monitoring through smart wearables while leading an active lifestyle. The promotion works an important role to encourage users to upgrade their smartwatches in order to explore improved features, built and function that the fēnix 6 series has to offer.

The fēnix 6 collection includes Power Manager for longer battery life, and the innovative Body Battery TM energy monitoring feature making its debut in a fēnix series to help users manage their workout schedules, rest times and sleep.

The series offers a range of smartwatches including the fēnix 6, fēnix 6 Pro Solar, fēnix 6S, fēnix 6S Pro Solar, fēnix 6X and fēnix 6X Pro Solar. It also integrates solar power and the unique Power Manager system and is featuring industry-leading technology in the age of smart wearables, ultra-durable and long-lasting performance, killer apps for outdoor activities and an impactful battery life of up to 120 days.

For more information on the collection, click here.

The trade-in program is available at all Garmin outlets and selected authorised dealers. For more location information and further info about the trade-in, please visit:

For further information, kindly visit

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