Terrorism Won’t Bring Death To America, Americans Will; Why People Think All Americans Are Idiots

For the past 2 months or so, Donald Trump has been in the zone in terms of proving to the world just how much of a complete moron he is. I mean, there’s no need to recap all the logic defying announcements he’s made or the factually inaccurate statements he’s put out. With all that he’s said and done, the fact of the matter is that the US is currently at 784,201 positive coronavirus cases, with 41,837 deaths.

I used to think that Trump is going to be the reason that America is going to take YEARS to recover from the coronavirus pandemic. I was wrong. It turns out that there are hell of a lot of stupid American people out there. Protests against social distancing have been popping up across the US, and at this point, the only way to properly illustrate how delusional these people are is through imagery.

Here are some of the best pictures and videos to come out of these protests, courtesy of Twitter.






You get the picture. The glaring lack of a refined and careful message is embarrassing here. It’s alright to have an opinion that differs from the mass majority and even science for that matter, but there are proper ways to protest liberisation measures amid a global pandemic, and this just isn’t it.

Of course, it doesn’t help that Trump has come to the defence of these knobheads.  Add to that the fact that he ended a tweet with “LIBERATE MICHIGAN,”  and it’s really starting to look like a lost cause here.

God bless America

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