Surprise, Surprise; YouTuber Who Gave Out RM10,000 At Palace Gates Turns Out To Also Be An A**hole

You probably remember Isa iSARB. You know, the content creator under the delusion that he’s funny. He’s the genius that pulled up in front of the Istana Negara with RM10,000 in one Ringgit notes before getting apprehended by police officers. As you’d expect, his little stunt got him quite a bit of exposure in the mainstream media, and of course, Twitter was rife with talk about the wannabe celebrity.

It’s bad enough that his “prank” was in bad taste, but it turns out that Isa also happens to be something of an a**. With his video making it’s rounds on Twitter, some users pointed out something rather interesting.

So apparently the premise of one of Isa’s previous pranks revolved around pretending to be JPJ officers and asking random girls for their Instagram handles. The whole thing sounds bad enough as it is, but when you take into account the experience Twitter user @Razlansings girlfriend had, it really sheds some light on where the YouTuber’s priorities really lie.

When her car broke down on the LDP, Isa and his gang saw an opportunity and approached her car under the guise of being JPJ officers. When she and her friend called their bluff however, they just left without even offering to help them out. #Gentlemen indeed. People wonder why men’s jeans pockets are bigger. It’s to carry all that audacity.

Unsurprsingly, Razlan’s girlfriend isn’t Isa iSARB’s only victim. Twitter user @Aliyamar was left fuming when they tried the same thing on her, going as far as to call them out for taking advantage of her. As you’d expect, they didn’t help her out with her predicament either.

It would seem that there are no limits to what certain “content creators” would do to get hits on their videos. The worst part is that there are people out there who actually think that this sh*t is funny. I get it, comedy is not black and white ya know, and what’s humorous to some can often make others feel indifferent. The thing is, this really isn’t a question of whether he’s funny or not, isa question of being a decent human being, and by the looks of things, Isa iSARB, just isan’t.

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