Sticky situation for Huawei

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The US has banned the use of any Huawei or ZTE phones for some time now due to security reasons. They believe using these phones can allow the Chinese government to spy and this could be a national threat. Huawei did deny that they are not linked to the government in any way but the US is not budging.

With US and Australia being one of the first countries to ban products from Huawei, other countries are slowly reducing the sales of Huawei products. New Zealand’s government are preventing Huawei from supplying a local mobile network with 5G equipment. Spark, a company from New Zealand politely claimed that China may be using technology to spy on the country. They also fear the Chinese may disrupt communications in a future dispute. Another country that is considering to ban Huawei is Canada.

The ban on Huawei from different parts of the world is starting to concern other countries. With the much anticipated 5G network coming next year, Germany and the UK are preparing for the 5G service auctions. Germany’s government are growing wary over building their 5G network with Huawei. However, the UK is preparing auctions for their 5G network kits, which is an indication that Huawei will not be the monopoly player here. They are slowing down Huawei, allowing other markets to catch up.


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