Sony’s PlayStation 4 Officially Their Second Best Selling Console Of All Time

Sony’s PlayStation 4 was one of their best, and most popular consoles, and this time the numbers support it. The PS4 has officially become the second best-selling console of all time, passing over the original PlayStation, which sold 102.5 million units.

Sony mentioned that they had sold 2.8 million PS4s this quarter, on top of the 100 million mark that they hit the last quarter. While it was down from last years sales of 1.1 million units, it was enough to bring them to a total of 102.8 million. But it might not beat one of the best consoles they had, the PS2 which sold at 155 million units.

But it seems not all is great because there was a drop in sales numbers. But that’s most probably because the PS4 is coming to its end, as people are gearing up for the PS5 release next year 2020. Besides unit sales being down, gaming revenue and profit dropped 17 percent and 35 percent, respectively, from 2018.

But honestly, that doesn’t take away from the fact that the PS4 was a great console. A lot of gamers predominantly only play on their PS4s, and I don’t blame them. Even I’m a PlayStation fan, and I’ve had the PS4 for a few years now. It’s probably my most used purchase, and something I don’t think I could be without. Well, until the PS5 rolls around, anyway.

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