Sony Officially Reveals The PS5 Logo & It’s Exactly As Expected; Literally, NO Surprises Here

Jokes, this ain’t the logo.

Looks like after a long time coming, Sony has finally unveiled the PlayStation 5’s logo at its CES 2020 press conference, where they also announced that Sony has sold more than 5 million PlayStation VR headsets since its release in October 2016. And yes, don’t worry, the above picture is not the PS5 logo, but a meme from Twitter user @Cyranek.

This is what the real logo looks like aaaaaaand I’m not surprised. I mean, what else were they going to do? They’re taking the same font from the previous PS3 and PS4, and just added a 5 in there. And to be honest, what the heck else was I expecting from it. The next step in this is to show us the actual console so we can stop speculating what it looks like, the way Microsoft showed off their Xbox Series X.

We’ve had a bunch of other details about the PS5 leak out and confirmed by Sony themselves, and the logo is just another step in the direction of finally getting to see what the PS5 would look like. Other details we do know of is that the PS5 will have 8K graphics support, an SSD, ray tracing and PS4 backwards compatibility. There’s also some info on the controller, where the main takeaway is the new haptic feedback tech and adaptive triggers which can differentiate between pulling an arrow, and pulling a trigger on a pistol.

Hopefully we get a better look at the PS5’s details at E3 where Sony is expected to announce more details. And hopefully, it looks good, and isn’t at all what the dev kit looks like.

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