Singaporeans Use Drones To Traffic ‘Ice’ From Malaysia, Surely A New High In Smuggling!

Technology is being used is nearly every aspect of our lives, its omnipresent be it visible or invisible, like the applications we use on our mobile devices. One tech which is revolutionising aerial presence, are drones, the unmanned aerial vehicles that has been used in various situation, even during the MCO our police force used them for crowd monitoring.

Apart from surveillance, drones can also be used for transportation and this was exactly what 2 adventurous Singaporean did with their flying machines but for criminal activity. It was reported by the Singapore Police Force that these men were caught for using drone to smuggle drugs into Singapore from Malaysia.

According to the flight data retrieved from the phone of one of the suspects showed that the unmanned aircraft had flown from Kranji to Johor Bahru and back again to Kranji, carrying packets of drugs, including ‘ice’, heroin, ecstasy pills and erimin tablets.

Its was made known, that the Police detected unusual unmanned aircraft activity in the vicinity of Kranji Reservoir Park and observed an unmanned aircraft, hovering in the air.

The police subsequently arrested the two men, aged 29 and 34, who were believed to be the operators of the drone.

Upon further investigation, police officer found an assortment of controlled drugs in one of the ,men’s car.  A total of about 389g of ‘Ice’, 8g of heroin, 195 ecstasy tablets and two Erimin-5 tablets, estimated to be worth at least S$44,000, were seized.

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