Samsung really wants you to trust them again

It’s been a rough year for Samsung, after the Note 7 was reported to have faulty batteries causing fire troubles. So much so that it became the butt of jokes not only amongst industry players but escalated as far as banter material for the President of United States.

Now Samsung has been doing a lot in the past few months in crisis management mode patching holes, even opening a whole new office for QA. Understandably, their sales suffered but at the same time they are working very hard on gaining consumer trust again.

Recently, at Mobile World Congress, they didn’t come out with any phones – but they did show some videos about phone testing. With the launch of the S8 coming up on the 29th of March, will their efforts pay off? Time (and sales) will tell.

We just got the full list of those videos, so we’ll just let them do the talking. (There’s also a sneaky jab at Apple’s BendGate)


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