Samsung Introduces Galaxy AI For Enhanced Mobile Security, Smart Functionality

In response to growing concerns about data privacy and surveillance, Samsung unveiled its upcoming Galaxy AI, a revolutionary mobile AI experience poised to redefine the balance between smart convenience and security.

The solution addresses users’ worries about autonomous data tracking by emphasising the importance of personal data security hygiene.

Samsung emphasised the critical role of personal data security hygiene, urging users to exercise caution when sharing information on applications and devices.

The advice included reading terms and conditions thoroughly before use, understanding privacy policies, and being vigilant about entering sensitive information.

Technological advancements now enable companies like Samsung to provide visible and easy-to-operate data controls.

These features empower users to assess potential risks associated with shared information, enhancing transparency and control over personal data.

Samsung encouraged users to maintain control over their private and confidential files through privacy and security settings, especially app permissions.

The introduction of temporary Cloud Backup features ensures secure and convenient data transfer, allowing users to confidently upgrade devices without compromising data security.

Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy AI promises a comprehensive mobile AI experience, striking a balance between convenience and security.

Fueled by both on-device AI developed by Samsung and cloud-based AI collaborations, Galaxy AI introduces innovative features such as the AI Live Translate Call.

This groundbreaking functionality serves as a personal translator integrated into native call features, eliminating the need for third-party apps.

Users can expect real-time audio and text translations without compromising the privacy of their conversations.


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