Malaysia To Host Asia Pacific Predator League 2025

Malaysia has been selected as the host for the upcoming Asia Pacific Predator League (APAC Predator League) in 2025, signaling Acer’s dedication to fostering the gaming community in the country. The announcement was made during the fifth APAC Predator League in Manila, where Acer Malaysia Managing Director Kon Tek Yoong received the Predator League pennant […]

HUAWEI FreeClip, Open-Ear Earbuds Counters Traditional Earbuds Hygiene Issue

Huawei revealed its latest audio innovation, the HUAWEI FreeClip. Departing from traditional earbuds, the FreeClip embraces the open-ear listening trend, redefining the way users indulge in their favorite tunes. Traditional earbuds often raise hygiene concerns due to the accumulation of earwax, skin oils, and sweat. The open-ear design of HUAWEI FreeClip eliminates these worries, resting […]

Kieslect New Stylish Smartwatches In Malaysia With “Dual Core” Chipset Technology

Kieslect announced its official entry into Malaysia with the launch of two sophisticated smartwatches – Kr2 and Ks2. Awarded the Muse Design Award 2023 and the New York Product Design Award 2023, these trendsetting wearables combine innovation with elegance, redefining the connection to time, health, and style for Malaysian consumers. Kr2 and Ks2 boast a […]

Samsung Introduces Galaxy AI For Enhanced Mobile Security, Smart Functionality

In response to growing concerns about data privacy and surveillance, Samsung unveiled its upcoming Galaxy AI, a revolutionary mobile AI experience poised to redefine the balance between smart convenience and security. The solution addresses users’ worries about autonomous data tracking by emphasising the importance of personal data security hygiene. Samsung emphasised the critical role of […]