Samsung Adopts Galaxy S Pen Into Latest Notebook 9

There is only company who has engineered the stylus technology the best in its class in the world, Samsung S Pen has been evolving since first introduced on the Galaxy Note and today the refinement resulted in an unparalleled tiny nibbed tool that’s superior in performance.

With the stylus making a return to notebooks and tablet with Microsoft Surface and Apple iPad Pro, Samsung will also bring the iconic S Pen into its own line with the Notebook 9. The 2-in-1 notebook that doubles up as a tablet, has a tinny slot to fit the S Pen just like in it mobile phone, while currently other brands provide the stylus separately either by magnetic attachment or on the slot of the slip case like the HP Spectre x360.

Just as most other premium notebooks, the Notebook 9 comes with the 8th Generation Intel Core i7 processor placed outside the ultralight magnesium-aluminum alloy shell which helps keep the weight just below 1kg.

Samsung Malaysia has yet to bring the notebook into Malaysia but we hope with the Notebook 9 and the S Pen which is extremely popular in Asian countries will entice the company to launch the series here soon. Featuring a 0.7mm tip and capable of recognising up to 4,096 levels of pressure, the S Pen is extremely precise with the ability to detect even the screen is tilted. Bringing the Galaxy experience to the notebook., the device automatically detects when the S Pen has been pulled out by instantly launching the Air Command menu offering the array of features like Smart Select and Screen Write.

Phone Sync

Using the Samsung Link Sharing app, users can share files stored on their PC – including photos, videos and documents to the phones. Agnostic  in nature, once synced each time the phone is used Samsung Gallery will automatically sync the photo or video via Samsung Cloud so that it appears in the Notebook 9 Pen’s version of the app. Samsung is finally integrating the best of its mobile technology into its notebooks, the thinking of modern day powerful smartphones are synonym with a pocket PC but in reality they are far from it, as the most of heavy lifting and ease of productivity is still done a notebook or desktop.

But with these type of technology sharing and hybrid devices, the question will not be if either one will take over each others places, instead how they can integrate can give the consumer a seamless experience.  Watch out for the Notebook 9 in January after the showcase in CES2018.

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