Samsung 4K From Another Planet

4K has become a big deal for TV vendors as more popular brands joined the fray in recent months. One of them is Samsung with its own take of what a 4K TV, or in this case – Ultra HD TV (UHD TV), should be like. While some have rolled out large size formats or smaller equivalents in very similar chassis designs, the new Samsung UHD capable TV, known as the Samsung 85in Class UHD S9 Series Smart TV, is something else. Ever seen an 85in TV on an easel like concept? That’s what the Korean company came up with and it had been a mind-boggling experience.
Sexy Build
Samsung really outdid itself when it came to the overall design, look, and feel of the 85in UHD TV. Not only is it the best Smart TV platform to date (more on that later), it also uses a concept that totally complements the performance of the TV. When I first stepped into the specially prepared location for the review, I had been taken aback by
UHD S9 Series Smart TV. Nearly frameless with a barely there bezel, both of which I had expected to see, this TV is seamlessly attached to a slick looking easel stand that is even larger than the display panel. The entire concept – called the Timeless Gallery – is like no other chassis/stand I have come across. It can even swivel up and down to provide better viewing angles. Moving it to different angles is an experience on its own. Suffice to say, it truly exemplifies what a smart TV should look like. This design gets two thumbs up! More if I can borrow a few hands from my team!
Pleasing Performance
Now 4Ks are expected to be in-your-face, over-the-top, and overly outstanding. The Samsung UHD S9 Series Smart TV delivers all of that in spades and then some. I like how the UHD panel doesn’t mince on picture quality as everything it played -native 4K content, upscaled 2K videos, and even YouTube material – seemed crisp, clear, and very pleasing to the eyes. Colour balance is great, with the blue and red hues not being overly vivid or too contrasting. This gives the picture performance a slightly muted but still exceptional mix of tones and saturation that offer great black depths and white levels. At least there won’t be any palette bleeds when an eclectic image is rendered on this
Picture Framed
You’d think the easel frame is just there to hold up the UHD S9 Series Smart TV and it’d be gone if the panel is mounted to the wall. Not so as the 120W speaker array for the TV is stored within the frame, adding another layer of ingenuity to its finesse. This means the frame has to be mounted along with the TV on the wall if the user chooses to do so. It will feel at home anywhere thanks to the far-out concept that is purely futuristic and visionary.
Sound Blaster
The 120W speakers are not to be underestimated. The array, which comprise tweeters, mids, and sub-woofers, is done up in such a way that the sound stage performance is in now way compromised. From 3D audio imaging, to orchestra level performance, booming explosions, and pin-sharp precision beats, the UHD S9 Series Smart TV is no slouch when it came to producing a great sound stage. As such, there is no true need for an external sound system to be paired with this TV. It definitely fits the asking price and build quality that Samsung is aiming for. Topping that off is the Dolby Digital Plus/Dolby Pulse system that the TV comes equipped with, which provides a pretty powerful 3D surround environment that is hyper-immersive. This means you’d get a sound stage that matches the 3D and UHD performance evenly.
Made Smarter
Samsung is renowned for its range of Smart TVs and the user intuitiveness it offers in its entire range. Current iterations are already pretty good but the UHD S9 Series Smart TV takes it one level higher. The camera system and dual hand gestures controls feel superior and respond better than the other models. I’m not sure why but the user experience feels more seamless and slick. It is as if the design, build quality, and sophistication lent itself to make a more apt user experience. All the user controls feel right here somehow and I didn’t even need to speak to the TV even. Just wrist swipes and hand controls are needed. As for the content within, Samsung has beefed up its offerings
with more apps and user generated materials, making the entire ecosystem crowded than ever before. This is, of course, very much welcomed.
Future Proof
For all the pomp and grandeur the UHD S9 Series Smart TV has, you’d think that this is the end line. Not so as Samsung included the Evolution Kit concept for this TV as well. There is no attachment needed like previous Smart TVs. Instead, the upgrade comes in the form of a new set-top box that replaces the current one that is bundled with the TV. When the upgrade is made available, simply unplug the cables from the older unit and switch. It’s that simple. Now if only these super video panels come at a more affordable fee.
Price: RM199,999
Dimensions – with Stand (W x H x D): 2004.3 x 1624.4 x 581.5mm
Weight – with Stand: 85.8kg
Frame: Timeless Gallery
Display: 85in Ultra Clear Panel, 3840 x 2160 pixels with Precision Black Pro and 3D HyperReal Engine
+ Wide Colour Enhancer (Plus)
Front Firing + Full Range 120W(20Wx2, Woofer 20Wx2,Center 40W)
Audio: Dolby Digital Plus / Dolby Pulse, with DNSe+ and DTS Premium Audio
Interactive: Smart Hub with Samsung Apps + Voice/Gesture Controls
Features: 3D Converter, ConnectShare, Samsung 3D, Smart Evolution Support, Anynet_ (HDMI-CEC),
AllShare, InstaPort S, Time Shift, BT HID and USB HID Support, BD Wise Plus, Game Mode,
Smartphone Remote
I/O Ports: 1x Mini Jack, 1x Component, 1x Composite-In (AV), 1x Opitcal Digital Out, 1x Ethernet, 4x
HDMI 1.4, 1x RF-In (Cable/Terrestial), 2x RF-In (Satellite), 3x USB, 1x SCART, 1x CI Slot, 1x IR Out
Accessories: 4x 3D Active Glasses, IR Extender Cable, E-Manual, Voice/Standard Remotes
Value: 8/10
Features: 10/10
Performance: 10/10
Design: 10/10
Usability: 10/10
Verdict: Ultra HD videos on this big screen is what
I want for 2014. Someone get me one?
Total Score: 9.6/10

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