RightsLedger Steps Up As Guardian Of Content And Ownership Rights In Malaysia

A monumental step in combating content and information theft has taken place recently in Malaysia where two distinguished organisations, RightsLedger, a blockchain-based digital content authentication and rights management organisation along with Jom Channel (one of Malaysia’s highly popular live political online streaming gateway) participated in an MOU signing ceremony, with the former offering complete protection and ownership over self- produced content.

Dubbed as the most serious crime of the 21st century in a technology-saturated environment, content theft has become a serious global issue associated with all social media and digital distribution platforms. With Asian countries being the top three regions for social media usage, Malaysia sits at the peak where 80% of Malaysians use the internet, among which 25 million are active users.

Previously worked with renowned Hollywood film industries such as Disney, Paramount and Sony, RightsLedger stepped forth to curb this global exploitation, with the mission to protect Malaysia’s ownership of content. Mr Ray Young, founder and CEO of RightsLedger expresses that the team behind RightsLedger believes that more proactive action is needed to fight the theft of information and content, beginning with Jom Channel.

“We plan to work with every organisation possible to establish content creator’s ownership – to provide protection over their hard work and help ensure they are paid fairly. We are offering our very own branded streaming platform that allows Jom Channel to have total control over their advertising revenue and distribution of content. We believe in fair pay for fair play.”

Mr Ray Young, founder and CEO of RightsLedger

From their ranking of 26 to a drastic fall of 32 out of 127 countries in the International Property Rights Index 2017, Malaysia was also categorised as one of the top ten countries committing online piracy where compensation for content creators are poor and piracy is rampant, ultimately causing multiple organisations and corporations to lose billions over hard-worked content.

In light of the MoU signing, RightsLedger also announced its multimillion dollar breakthrough – Milio, a social media platform that sits as a “cloud warehouse” of digital content encompassing music, videos, and animations that can be accessed anywhere. This innovation is equipped with robust efficient blockchain technology serving as a protection to content ownership, further uplifting the Sharing Economy in Malaysia.

For more information on RightsLedger, click here.

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