Review: Wiko View

Wider View, Slimmer Body

The Wiko View sports a 5.7-inch screen at 18:9 ratio, which is quite uncommon on the affordable smartphone range. The wider screen makes watching videos and playing games a more immersive experience. Sporting a relatively thin bezel, the design of the phone is much slimmer and streamline, making it very comfortable to hold. While it still has the removable back, the phone is much better designed, without the chunkiness or the weight associated with its siblings under the Wiko brand.

Redesigned UI, Smooth Performance

The user interface also sports a much cleaner design, that flows quite smoothly. The quick action feature is a convenient addition. Although Android O will come with quick actions, the Wiko View runs on Nougat. Long press on an app brings out a pop up menu that allows you to quickly navigate to the function you need instead of fiddling it after opening the app. As with all Wiko phones there is a Smart Left Page option for easier access to frequent tasks. With the redesigned interface, it does make the whole experience much more smooth and intuitive, without much clutter or bloatware.

Reliable Performance, Smooth Interaction

Performance wise, while the phone isn’t the fastest or a heavyweight in any sense, it is reliable. Navigating in an app is a smooth experience, with no noticeable lag. While it is not the best for resource heavy multitasking, it still works quite well if you’re swapping between a few apps for daily use. Although the camera quality is decent, I’m more interested in its app functions, which brings easier access to quickly view and delete photos, compared to many of the smartphone camera apps I’ve tested this year.



It is really refreshing to see Wiko updating and putting more thought into their design of the hardware and UI of the phone. Really smooth and intuitive experience for a sub-RM1,000 phone.


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