Celcom Uses Social Analytics To Boost Customer Experience

The advent of social media has given brand owners a new found insight into what consumers and customers really think about their products and services like never before. In the past sample survey’s or group sampling was used to measure effectiveness or sentiment but they often do not paint a full picture. With technology and social application, we live in a different world today and by using special software’s company’s can now track brand mentions, sentiment and conversations in real time!

Leveraging on these technology, Celcom Axiata is moving into the next phase of improving customer experience with the launch of its own social media insight tool… the Social Media Experience hub or smeX.

Situated on the 19th floor of Menara Celcom (ironically next to the CEO’s office), the social hub consists  of teams of dedicated employees who are referred to as tribes monitoring marketing, sales and service activities from various social media channels. Accessing all of the key social channels such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and complementing with existing customer service channels like contact centre, retail shops and online customer service, the team is tasked to quickly respond, take action or engage within 1 to 2 hours anytime, any day.

Presently, Celcom has a social media reach of 1.2 million, according to global social media analytics company, Socialbakers and seeks to improve reach with the setting of the social hub.

Chief Executive Officer Michael Kuehner has been focused on improving customer sentiment and the initiation of smEX is a direct result of that endeavour. “We have set sights on customer-focused strategies with a differentiation – one such is the fruition of the hub after many months of groundwork”. He is confident the RM2 million hub can increase consumer satisfaction.

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