Review: STM Summary Laptop Bag – Simple and Safe

stm summary review

Plain and Simple

Pulling the STM Summary out of its packaging, its first impressions on me that it’s plain. There are no extra slots or additional pockets here; just a zip running along two sides for the main laptop slot. That works for me as I usually place my laptop in a bag. However, if you’re a someone who just brings a laptop in a sleeve everywhere without a bag, the lack of additional slots may be annoying later.

stm summary review 2

Thicker Than Most

The STM Summary is built for 13-inch laptops; I tried to fit a 14-incher and it wouldn’t fit. This means it’s mostly for those lightweight ultra-portables that are prevalent in Starbucks. It is, however, thick; the additional bulk means it does take up a bit more space in the backpack than expected. Despite that, the extra padding will keep the laptop safe. While most won’t purposely drop it, it will hold against accidental bumps.

stm summary review 3

Great for Kids

There are two types of made-for-university laptops in my opinion: those for gamers and those for non-gamers. This laptop sleeve is for the latter. It wouldn’t be for students with a 17-inch gaming machine, but it’s great for those who go to class with just an ultra-portable. As such, while a tad pricey, those looking for a solid and simple laptop sleeve that does the job, the STM Summary is the one to consider.

Verdict: Probably the most solid laptop sleeve you can get for your ultra-portable.

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