Review: Sony BRAVIA OLED A1

Making a Bold Statement

Coming in at 55-inch or 65-inch this isn’t a TV that is hidden away in a corner. This is a bold statement piece in your living room. With a slim bezel, the TV maximises your viewing area and blends in to your living space. With a slim panel and a heavy, sturdy back, the TV can be mounted on the wall, or comes with a weighty back panel that ensures its stays right where it should be. The panel unlocks with a little latch at the back, no brute force needed. The design of the TV looks elegant, but not flimsy. This isn’t a TV that you are able to accidentally knock over.

Elegantly Hidden

The design of the back panel means most of the ports are covered with a fabric covered panel, hiding unsightly cables and prevent tangles. The back panel is easily removable to reveal a host of ports:  four, HDMIs, three USB ports, one Audio output, one LAN port, one remote and 1 cable/antenna port. While the panel can be folded in for a wall mount configuration, when in the table top setting, the panel connects to a removable weight at the bottom of the TV. The weight itself gives the TV a lot of stability, while the folded panel give the TV a streamline finish that allows for a wall mount to look almost flushed to the wall.

True Colours without Sacrificing Your Eyes

Hailed to bring perfect blacks and vibrant colours that are true to real world visuals, the BRAVIA OLED A1 isn’t just delivering the brightest colours. While some QLED TVs sacrifice colour in favour of vivid brightness, Sony remains true in colour reproduction, thanks to its Triluminos display and Precision Colour Mapping. The TV is smart enough to understand the context of a picture, shutting off pixels where blacks or darks should be reflected. This means reduced noise in a picture and clearer colour representation. There is also reduced concerns regarding burn in –  apart from setting colours to your desired levels, you can also do a panel refresh for the TV, ensuring the screen has a longer lifespan.

Surround Sound in a Single Panel

The speakers and a sub-woofer is mounted at the back of the TV, but sound isn’t sacrificed, boosting through the screen itself. There is not reflection of sound from the back – in fact if you get close enough to touch the screen, you can feel the TV screen vibrate with stronger bass.  This means you get the same sound effects wherever you are in the room. Audio is distributed evenly throughout the room, so it’s not aimed particularly at a certain direction, giving you cinematic surround sound, without the need for multiple towers. The screen might vibrate, but its sturdy built means you won’t see it with you naked eye – no worries about affecting your visuals.

Android Ready

As most Smart TVs go, this one runs Android TV as well. with easy navigation and voice remote, you can control your TV just by telling it what you want to watch. With a wide range of 4K content available, you’d be putting the OLED A1 to its full potential. Although, as per most Android TVs, the remote can be clunky to use if you’re not used to navigating with a remote. Although, with plenty ports available, as well as Bluetooth and Chromecast, you can easily hook up key boards, mouse or other controllers to make your life a lot easier.

Wallet Busting Price Tag

While spec wise the TV is amongst the crème de la crème, the price tag can really set your heart to stop beating several moments. With the 55″ priced at RM 16,999 and the 65″ cashing in at RM29,999.


Barring the heart attack inducing price tag, this is a gorgeous TV that gives you one of the best quality in the market that money can buy.


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