[Review] Monster Firecracker: Fiesty Little Beast

Compact, yet powerful

The Firecracker is named aptly – it’s small but packs a punch. Around the size of a water bottle, it’s lightweight and easy to carry anywhere – camping, road trip, or just a small speaker in the room. Don’t be fooled! They might be small, but it can get really loud – enough that you can hear clearly what is being played in a room 2 floors up. The music quality is decent too – not top of the shelf, but definitely clear, with bass coming through really nicely. Although softer tones can get ever so slightly muffled.

Is it a torchlight?

Yes. Yes it is. It’s a torchlight – and a very bright one at that. You could totally camp out with that. You can search for keys in the dark with that. You can even use it to double up as lighting for photography if you’re in a pinch. Besides that, it’s weather proof – so you don’t have to worry about it getting wet. It’ll still work without troubles

Keep going, forget the cables 

The battery is said to last for 25 hours – and indeed, on full blast I’ve subjected my house to my sometimes eccentric music choices for the entire day and it was still going. Plus point if you turned it on and it’s not connected to any devices for a significant period of time, it will turn off automatically, saving power.



1 – No slipping
Rubber bumpers ensure that if you put it on any surface it won’t slip off. It’s survived my maniacal driving, while not moving an inch on the dashboard.

2 – Bluetooth connected
The Bluetooth sensor is quite sensitive, and connects easily with my mobile devices. If I left an area, and returns to the vicinity, it reconnects instantly.

3 – One cable to charge
The charging cable is a standard microUSB so if your phone uses the same wire – you don’t need to bring any extra wires just to charge this baby up.


Price: RM 599
Built in super-bright 7 hour flashlight
High-intensity daylight, 5000K
500 Lumens
Pure Monster Sound wirelessly with NFC
Stereo (from 2 Full-Range Drivers) with passive bass radiator
High intelligibility mic for calls
25+ Hours of continuous play
Splash resistant (IPX-5)
Heavy-duty cabinet with color-matched strap and carabiner clip
Sealed Port for aux in (3.5mm) and power
Black, Gold, Red, Green Camo


Value: 9
Features: 8.5
Performance: 8.5
Design: 8
Usability: 8.5

Verdict: I love this thing. It’s portable, convenient and packs a punch. While audiophiles might still have some bone to pick, I’m sold.

Total Score: 8.5

Byline: By Satoko Omata

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