Review: Maximum Battery Life with the Zenfone Max

Value: 8/10

Features: 7/10

Performance: 7/10

Design: 7/10

Usability: 7/10

Verdict: Powerbank strapped to your phone no more!

Total Score: 7.8/10


I have seen a huge amount of smartphones being debuted in this year 2016. One phone in particular caught my attention; one that is value for money. The ASUS Zenfone Max comes with a 5000mAH battery!

Naturally, when I saw the smartphone, I thought to myself: “I have to do a review on this one!”

Like most consumers, we want our smartphone to last us a very long time for at least a day or two, right? I dare say this, there are smartphones that are sleek in design and performance but when it comes to battery life, it just doesn’t square up to our expectations. For those wondering, fret not, I’ll be puttingtheZenfone Max to the test.

Compact Sized

I was blown away by the compact size of the smartphone, despite boasting a large capacity battery. To be honest, I was really expecting a bulkybrick but ASUS did a fantastic job on keeping the design aesthetic lean. The back cover has a similar finishing as the Zoom; same goes for the front and sides of the smartphone. In essence, the design is what you’d expect from an ASUS smartphone.

Quick Snap

Just like the Zenfone Zoom, it carries similar features.I’d say that the difference in quality is pretty obvious, but I guess, you get what you paid for. Upon launching the camera application, I noticed it starts up quite fast as compared to some other smartphone I have reviewed before.

There is one part of it which I find rather annoying: when I am focusing the Zenfone Max on an object, there seems to be wavy lines on the display (similar to if you were to zoom your smartphone on a television). However, during the recording mode, I shook the smartphone vigorously and when I stopped the recording, I found that the video is still crystal clear.

Satisfactory Performance

Despite running on a 2GB RAM and a Snapdragon 410 processor, the Zenfone Max really did impress me. I rigorously tested it with long hours of 720p videos and games. It became slightly warm, but even so, if that was my smartphone, I think it would probably be dead by now.

Incorporating a TrueVivid Technology, while watching videos or playing games in the dark, I found that I was not tearing up(this happened a few times when the brightness level is too high and there is not any filter).

Battery God

One word: WOW! The battery life is just awesome. I was kind of skeptic upon checking the battery capacity. After having this smartphone for a week, its battery life truly shines – I wish I was given a longer time to keep the smartphone.

After charging the phone to 100%, I managed to use it for two days straight. On standby mode, it can even last up to 38 days (or so they say). Despite its run of the mill design and performance, you will be ready to forgive it for its unbelievably long battery hours per full charge.


Written by: Shazmyir Rahman 🙂

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