Review: Aorus X3 Plus V5 Gaming Laptop

V– 8
P – 9
F – 8
D –8
U –10
Total: 8.6/10

Verdict: Slay your work and your enemies simultaneously.


Being a gamer myself, gaming laptops has never really solidified a position in my heart. I’ve gone through two different gaming laptops in the past five years, all of which have gone on to greener pastures. My first impression of the Aorus X3 gaming laptop was its abnormally small size, although what lies under the hood tells a different story.

How Do I Turn It On?!?!
That was honestly the first thought I had after plugging in the charger and ready to take the Aorus X3 on a spin. Funnily enough, the power button was not located in its conventional spot being right above the keyboard. For those who aren’t familiar and are planning on getting an Aorus laptop, the power button is located on the right side of its body where the USB slots are located.

Another issue that cheesed me off to no end was the manner of which the laptop turns off. To turn on the laptop, you will have to press the power button more than once for it to finally turn on. However, the SSD located in it covered up for the power up mistakes as it took less than 10 seconds for me to reach the desktop page.

Gaming on the Go
One of the reasons I would now actually consider getting myself a gaming laptop is due to its ultra-lightweight designs. The Aorus X3 in particular was extremely light, weighing in less than two kilograms. It was exceptionally helpful to have it on me as I was constantly burning the midnight oil at a café getting my work done while squeezing in a game or three of Dota 2. The only turn off about the weight was it made it too easy for me to fling it across the room when my teammates screw up the game.

She Was Lying
Size doesn’t matter boys, no matter what any girl tells you; it’s all about how you perform with it. Although miniscule in size compared to various other gaming laptops out there, what the Aorus lacks in size, it makes up for it in superior performance. With the help of the NVIDIA GeForce GTX870 graphics card, gaming on the Aorus never looked so good.

Aside from Dota 2, I tested out the Aorus X3 on various other games that include Skyrim and Diablo III, all of which performed tremendously well with no frame rate drops, spikes, or lags, even with the video settings being set to the max.

Perfect for Everyone
What makes the Aorus such a great laptop to use is its insane versatility; not only is it great for gamers, it is also great for the working class adult who casually games but is also required to constantly be on his laptop when needed for work.


Written by: Teh Wi-Liam

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