Review: LEAGOO Shark 1 Smartphone

Features: 8.5/10

Performance: 6 .5/10
Design: 7.5/10

Verdict: Long lasting battery life phone to keep up with your daily social connection.

Total Score: 7.5


I often get asked by friends to recommend a smartphone that has amazing battery life and is value for money. If they’re anything like me, I often time have a limited budget – always looking for an affordable option in the market. The fact that the LEAGOO Shark 1 reminds me of my very first phablet had me reminisce; I miss using smartphones with big screens.

Forget About the Power Bank, this IS the Power Bank!

A 6300 mAh battery capacity on a phablet? This is the first time I’ve seen one with such a huge battery life. As expected, this insane amount of power lasted days for me, though it highly depends on your usage as well. Some people might not need this kind of capacity but a person who constantly plays mobile games on their phones and watch videos like myself, I see the merits of having a big capacity. Of course,with massive battery size, the Shark 1 is slightly heavier than most. It doesn’t bother me though as I can do away with carrying a bulky power bank with me.

 A Tad Bit Underwhelming

The first feature I utilised on the Shark 1 is the fingerprint system. I’m not too keen on it as there was a noticeable delay – though minor – when I’m unlocking the screen. It may not be as important if you’re not one to use the function, but that few seconds delay could pose as an annoyance in the future if and when you do.

Seeing as mobile gaming is what I indulge in, I have certain expectations on performance. Though the Shark 1 isn’t optimised for heavy graphic mobile gaming, I experienced minor lag in loading the games despite them being light.

Its camera is probably not the focus of the Shark 1, but it is still a function that many holds as a priority when choosing a device. I was truthfully not expecting much from it – it was neither superb nor was it extremely disappointing. A niggling concern is the camera’s speed to adapt for the lighting, which is a little slow.

 Now To The Good Parts

Despite its shortfalls on the performance, the 6-inch LG LTPS full HD display did make my multimedia experience enjoyable. The Shark 1’s display is sharp and bright. I especially enjoyed its big screen as it enhanced my gaming and video streaming. It also looks especially sleek, thanks to its Corning Gorilla Glass with 2.5D curved edge.

Having such a big battery capacity also worried me slightly – what if the heat emitted will burn me when I have it in my pocket? Thankfully, when I was streamingI didn’t feel any significant heat. Even during gaming, it was slightly warmer than before but not as such that I’ll have third degree burns.

Keep it Alive For..Days

All in all, the key take away of the Shark 1 is its immense battery life. If you are looking to keep yourself connected to keep up with your social life, the smartphone has a long lasting battery life. If anything, it also has a great display quality for you to enjoy your movies, reading or viewing photos on the go.


Written by Ng Thim Soon


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