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[Review] AMD Ryzen 3 1200

[Review] AMD Ryzen 3 1200

Bank Account Friendly

Rounding up its range, AMD’s newest Ryzen 3 completes the family where it now has processors available for every mainstream need out there (apart from Threadripper, which is slated to arrive sometime later this year). Ryzen 3 fills the needs of the starter computer user, who are looking for something powerful but yet at the same time economical.  Priced at RM519, it is the cheapest quad-core processor in the market now!

4 Cores 4 Life

If power is what you need, the Ryzen 3 has enough of it to dish out to resource hungry applications. The four cores and four threads in the CPU ensure your processing needs are fulfilled, be it something as simple as web browsing or intensive as 3D gaming. While it does not support multi-thread processing, the four built-in cores do give it a leg-up when compared to the competitor’s dual-core offerings.

Power Sipper

One of the features of the Zen architecture is that the system will not take too much power when it is not needed. This is true with the Ryzen 3. Thanks to its 65W TDP, it saves on power. And what’s more impressive is the fact that even at full load using AIDA64, the temperature did not rise above 40°C. This is with the stock cooler and stock speeds by the way; no overclocking. With the right motherboard, the Ryzen 3 can be overclocked, thanks to its generous temperature and power overhead.

Full Ecosystem Support

As the Ryzen 3 is part of the Zen architecture, you get full support such as USB 3.1, x16 PCIe lanes and also overclocking.

Cooler Included

AMD supplies the Ryzen 3 1200 with the Wraith Stealth cooler in the box, for out-of-the-box builds. That’s value for money, right there.


Yes, the Ryzen family of chips and chipset supports RGB lights, so plug in your favourite RGB-enabled peripherals to light up your day.


Price: RM 519
Processor: AMD Ryzen 1200
Core/Thread: 4/4
Speed: 3.4Ghz
Socket: AM4
TDP: 65W

Benchmark Score

Work (Accelerated) : 4894
Creative (Accelerated) : 4799
Home (Accelerated) : 4124

Multicore : 461
Single Core : 129

Multicore : 10181
Singlecore : 3708


Value – 9
Performance – 9
Feature – 9
Design – 8
Usability – 9

Verdict: Starting a PC build? This is a good place to start.

Total – 8.8 (Gold)

Byline: Sharil Abdul Rahman

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