Review: A4TECH Bloody Infrared-Micro Switch Laser Gaming Mouse TL70


Total Score: 8.5

Verdict: Extremely comfortable and fast mouse, absolutely love it.



Since the introduction of its gaming arm, Bloody by A4Tech offers an extensive range of gaming peripherals that aims to penetrate the highly competitive sector. Differentiating itself from the competition, Bloody introduces its new Infrared-Micro Switch technology that boasts of giving users the world’s fastest key response. This seems to be a recurring theme for the brand’s latest products, but does it live it to the bold statement? We’ll find out soon enough.

Comfy and Natural Fit

When I first held the mouse, it felt extremely comfortable – like as if the mouse was designed and molded specifically for my palm. Even my colleague agreed that it was the perfect fit for him as well. Then again, if you have big palms with thin long digits like the both of us, you’ll find the Bloody TL70 to be the one for you.

Its X’Glide Metal Mouse Feet allows for a smooth glide when moving the mouse, which in turn provides better mouse handling. This is rather surprising as the exterior of the mouse itself will have you thinking that it’s a clunky device due to its sharp features. Good to know its strong presence isn’t just for show; it truly made me feel awesome.

Speed of Light

With its unique Infrared-Micro Switch technology, Bloody has differentiate itself from its competitors. In fact, when it comes to responsiveness, it has an outstanding key response time of 0.2ms. Professional gamers are likely to be appreciative of this feature and, but to those of us who are using mice as a casual user, it is hard to differentiate the current market standard of 1ms response rate compared with 0.2ms response rate.

Software Support is So So..

Personally, I feel that the software support for the Bloody TL70 is mediocre. Yes,it does have a lot of features for FPS and MMORPG as well as some macro functions, but there is no pre-loaded software within the mouse for instant plug and play installation. You will need to go onto its website to download the supporting software, which s a hassle.

I would also prefer if the settings could be saved in a cloud system like some of its competitors. Any tinkering you’ve done will be reset to default when you plug it in on a new system.

 Clear Decision

This is quite a simple decision to make. If you are looking for a high performance gaming mouse that will constantly be connected to the same device, the Bloody Tl70 is the one for you. If you’re running multi-devices and often rotate your mouse around, you may be annoyed at having to download the software and do the personalisation process again…and again.

Written by: Ng Thim Soon

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