Reebonz Closets Takes Trading PreOwned Luxury Goods Mobile

reebonzA sector that is taking very little time to gain popularity, Asia is teeming with population craving for luxury goods, be it handbags, shoes and apparels. Many of the famous brands are looking at this half of the globe for their new collection and sales. While the latest Hermes Birkin bag is snapped up even before it reaches the shelves, there is a significant number or owners who are looking to clear their closets to make place for the new ones. Instead of looking for preowned retail shop, the sellers could opt to be anonymous and place their collection online and get better deals. This is what Reebonz a popular online luxury retailer is doing.

reebonzappAfter successfully launching the service in Southeast Asia, the Singapore based online ecommerce site is creating a platform for buyers and sellers to trade their owned luxury items. With users being more attuned to their mobile devices, Reebonz is making the process even more hassle free with the newly unveiled Rebonz Closets – a dedicated mobile app that makes buying and selling pre-owned luxury products a seamless. with just three simple steps, Snap – upload photographs of their item; Chat – start a conversation with members via the in-app chat; and Track – track the order and payment once a deal is made.

There are over 30,000 pre-owned luxury items from bags and shoes to timepieces and accessories, across Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Taiwan and Thailand. The app was previously part of the Reebonz but now a standalone app that features new enhanced design and makes the process of buying and selling pre-owned luxury items simple and intuitive for users.  Social sharing is also embedded within the app, so sellers can share their items across popular social media platforms Facebook, Instagram, WeChat and WEIBO to promote their latest listings.

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