Razer Announces Major Partnership With Tencent

Two large gaming giants just made a massive collaboration announcement, one leads the biggest gaming hardware company in the world while the other rules the mobile gaming area with popular MOBA games. Who are we’re talking about, well it is Razer and Tencent of course!

The two companies will be combine their unique skill sets to serve the world’s 2.4 billion active mobile gamers with a multitude of offerings in mobile gaming hardware, software and services. Tencent holds rights to blockbuster mobile titles like PUBG Mobile and Honour of Kings (also known as Arena of Valor in other markets). While Razer, a late entrant in the smartphone market, is seeking to leverage on Tencent’s grip on the mobile gaming space to catapult its handset division.

Both have identified three areas of collaboration focusing on hardware, software and services to further give consumers the gaming experiences that’s unparalleled to any other. Playing Tencent games on Razer phones will be further enhanced with the Razer Cortex a powerful Android mobile game launcher that optimises mobile game performance, recommends latest gaming deals and launches games from one single location.

There will be also monetisation opportunities, global tournaments, co-branded products and merchandises.

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