Qualcomm Powers Owl Labs 360 Video Conference Speakers

Often not office meetings are mostly incomplete with someone either is on leave or abroad for good reasons, in place company’s resort to visual technology to have their presence. Using video conference as way to include the employee in an all important announcement or strategy or to get field updates, vital for the meet. But these video conference tools tend to sometime frustrate the group due to poor experience they offer, its never like the person is there. This scenario is about to change.

Owl Labs a company dedicated in making video conferencing solutions is debuting an audiovisual tool that will change meeting experience for the better- meet the Meeting Owl.

Powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 Mobile Platform, the Meeting Owl bridges remote employees with their offices and coworkers. Not only is the 11-inch meeting machine shaped like the feathered fowl it’s named for, it also mimics its famous head-turning abilities in its movement. Equipped with 360-degree fish-eye lenses, speakers, and microphones, the Meeting Owl is designed to pick up visuals and sound anywhere in the conference room.


Remote employees see a panoramic view of the room and close-ups of each person, a unique video output that’s actually cut and pasted from one 360-degree image captured from the Meeting Owl’s camera. With every frame, the Owl dynamically chooses where to pull its images, creates a collage, and sends it to the host computer. And to the host, the Meeting Owl is simply a USB camera, so it’s compatible with any conference program.

Snapdragon 410 platform was chosen for three reasons: price, form factor, and power. The team trusted that the Snapdragon 410 would be robust enough to support high CPU and GPU loads for extended periods of time.

Price: US$799

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