PUBG Mobile Launches Royale Pass Season 16 With A “Metro Royale” Theme

Recently, PUBG MOBILE announced the 4 new features on the 1.1 update which you can read more here. Now, PUBG MOBILE has started PUBG Mobile Season 16 by launching Royale Pass Season 16 with a “Metro Royale” theme.

The all-new Royale Pass Season 16 is the first ever crossover Royale Pass that PUBG MOBILE ever has with Metro Exodus, the latest video game in the acclaimed Metro series – an atmospheric, story-driven first-person-shooter set in post-apocalyptic Russia, published by Deep Silver and inspired by the novels of Dmitry Glukhovsky.

New outfits of Metro-themed characters, crossover adventures and rewards are now available for players to get starting from September 17 and can be downloaded on the Google Play Store for Android and the Apple Apps Store for iOS.

Today’s Royale Pass Season 16 content update delivers beloved characters outfits and other recognisable content from Metro Exodus. Upon obtaining the Royale Pass Season 16 subscription, players will immediately unlock themed outfits of Metro characters Artyom or Anna in Rank 1.

Colonel Miller Outfit or Casual Miller Outfit can be unlocked from the challenges in the exclusive Royale Pass event Metro Adventure that will last for the next 8 weeks. Players can also use the Metro Badges in the event to start their adventure and reach various stations to get supplies which can be used to get great deals for outfits and item finishes.

By upgrading the rank of Royale Pass, players can unlock more premium outfits, including Cyber Enforcer Outfit in Rank 50 and Mythic Night Terror Outfit in Rank 100. Players can even rank up their Royale Pass by the new RP Team feature. By joining an RP Team with friends, the whole team members can unlock rewards when their rank increases to a specified number.

Below are some items that can be obtained during the Royale Pass (RP) mission.

Royale Pass Item
RP 1 Anna Outfit B atau Artyom Outfit dan Metal Medley – DP28
RP 20 Angry Chicken Helmet
RP 40 Metal Medley – Crowbar
RP 50 Cyber Enforcer Set dan Venomous Skull – UZI
RP 55 Cyber Enforcer Headgear
RP 70 Punk Rhino Backpack
RP 100 Night Terror Outfit dan Night Terror Headgear

To thank players and community members for their continued support, the team behind PUBG MOBILE also revealed several Cyber Week events for the Thanksgiving season.

From now until Sunday (December 6), all players that log into the game will be entered a draw for a $2,500 USD reward, a full return of all UC spent during the event, and a OnePlus 8T, with 4 winners being selected.

Similarly, from Monday (November 23) to Sunday (December 6), players can complete daily missions to earn Cyber Week Discount Coupons, which can be used to unlock rewards such as surprise Emoji Gift Packs. The top 100 players will also receive an exclusive Cyber Week 2020 title.

More discounts and rewards can be earned from additional Cyber Week activities and celebrations with Thanksgiving spirit, including 70% to 90% off new outfits and firearms, 30% to 70% off classic encores, and a return of spent UC on purchasing and spending.

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