PC.COM BPOTY Awards 2019: XOX Mobile Crowned Best MNVO

Think Value, Think XOX

XOX MOBILE is a leading mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that provides an option that has fulfilled its customers’ desires for more than a decade. XOX is at the forefront of the telco industry, envisioning the future market infrastructure well, which translates in cohesiveness and an appealing product range. Established in 2005, XOX Mobile enticed the market with its own strong brand identity that pivots around core values that stole the heart of millions of users nationwide. Since its inception, XOX has emphasized on providing the best value for its subscribers and to educate the consumer about the importance of ‘savings’. Therefore, the esteemed telco offers 3 holistic plans that’s got all the bases covered, it’s little wonder that it was voted MVNO of the year 2019.

To inculcate the core value, XOX introduced ONEXOX Prepaid with a 28-month validity period, freeing subscribers from recharging every month to stay active. The method adds value to consumers as it opens up doors for low consumption subscribers in all demographics to experience XOX mobile service. For its sophisticated BLACK (post-paid) segment, XOX differentiates itself from other players in the industry with BURNPROOF data, which is a ‘no wastage’ concept, that allows subscribers to carry forward and share their unused data, minutes and SMS. Users are free to share data, minutes and SMS to other XOX users all across the XOX network. Straightforward with no hidden agenda! These features are the epitome of savings that customers are longing for. XOX is the only telco that emphasizes leveraging your data, minutes and SMS to the optimum level.

Embracing current technology trends, XOX is continuously answering market demands with innovative solutions such as the recent launch of the XOX eSIM, a segment to cater to Dual-SIM device users that have been taking over the market in recent years. XOX has transformed itself from a conventional telco company and expands through innovation by practicing a “new and better ways of doing things” mindset. Apart from offering products like other telcos, XOX focuses on a more holistic approach with depth (core value) that contributes to the betterment of user experience.

XOX even has a history of excellence. Last year, the company was awarded Best Telco of The Year – Best Data Package for Business Plan and Company of the Year by Mobile Business Excellence Award (MBEA) 2018. By integrating technology advancement and current market demands, XOX is set to expand regionally in the near future. XOX exemplifies an established company with a start-up mindset that strives to improve and keep providing innovative solutions to Malaysians.

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