Overwatch Reveals Their Next Hero & Just How Important She Is To The Story

Overwatch has been my go-to first person shooter for the longest time. I’m not that into competitive first person shooters, but Overwatch’s in-built character and ability systems manages to pique my interest. Now, they’ve revealed another character to their already extensive roster, and their name is Echo. Echo first showed up in a McCree cinematic, “Reunion” at Blizzcon 2018. She later showed up in the Overwatch 2 cinematic “Zero Hour”, so it’s not exactly surprising that she’s coming to the game now.

So far, what we’ve known about Echo is that she’s an omnic (robots in the Overwatch universe), McCree had saved her, and that she’s helping Overwatch.

But with today’s origin story reveal, we get a better look as to who exactly Echo is. She’s actually one six founders of Overwatch, along side Soldier:76, Reaper, Ana, Reinhardt and Torbjorn. Well, sort of. The sixth founder is actually a person called Liao.

In the origin story, they show Dr. Mina Liao, and how she had helped create the omnics. She then proceeded to watch her creations rampage and battle humans in a devastating global war. Joining Overwatch was her way of repenting for creating the omnics, and made Echo. Echo is a sophisticated omnic AI, who is essentially a carbon copy of Liao. This means her voice, her mannerisms, and even her goals.

She’s an ‘Echo’ of her creator.

In the video, they’re basically showing you that Liao had died in some attack on her lab, as highlighted by the intro. Meaning, the sixth founder of Overwatch lives on through Echo, and now for the first time since launch, we have a better idea of the Overwatch universe.

Now that we’ve got the origin story though, the character should be coming to Overwatch test servers soon. As of now, we don’t know what abilities she has, or even her weapons, but I’m going to assume that she’s a healer. I don’t know why, I just feel it.

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