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NVIDIA Outdoes Itself Yet Again

NVIDIA Outdoes Itself Yet Again

Just when you thought you were slowly accepting the fact that you would have to save your paychecks for a good few months before you could get your hands on NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 1080Ti graphics card, NVIDIA is here to leave you salivating once more with an upgrade to the current TITAN X with the all-new NVIDIA TITAN Xp. While the GTX 1080Ti offers vastly similar or slightly better performance specs as the TITAN X, the TITAN Xp breaks all records as NVIDIA introduces its latest GPU, focusing towards the ultra-high-end line of PC enthusiasts.

While the 1080Ti GPU is priced at US$699 (approx. RM3,100), the TITAN Xp will be going for a whopping US$1,200 (approx. RM5,300). Although both the TITAN X and TITAN Xp share similar dimensions as well as thermal and power usage, the TITAN Xp has 3,840 CUDA cores running on 1.6GHz compared to 3,584 from the TITAN X. the TITAN Xp also runs on higher memory speeds at 11.4Gbps and higher bandwidth at 547.7 Gbps.

Aside from the release of NVIDIA’s latest behemoth, NVIDIA also announced that it is currently in the process of creating a beta version of its NVIDIA cards, which will be able to support Apple’s Mac systems. This will also Mac users to make use of NVIDIA’s latest Pascal architecture to its fullest potential. As of today, there has been no update on when the release of its latest driver will be so be sure to check back from time to time as well will be providing updates on it.

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