New Star Wars Game Leaked On EU PS Store

A new, unannounced Star Wars game has been leaked on PS4 courtesy to the Twitter bot account, PSN releases.

PSN releases is a bot account that monitors Sony’s PlayStation Network for new Playstation 4 game releases and updates. In this case, the leak came from the EU PS Store, which reveals a little bit of information about this new game, currently titled Star Wars: Project Maverick.

Firstly, the picture. It reveals four X-Wing fighters (they’re really small) flying towards a Star Destroyer, amongst what appears to be towers and/ or huge, broken off asteroids. This might not really imply anything, really, but maybe this game plans to incorporate and maybe dedicate a spaceship battle game mode?

Apart from that, there’s also a leak to both the background music (which sounds like a softer rendition of the original Star Wars track) and information that reveals its Play Together feature is set to ‘5’, heavily implying that it’s multiplayer.

This game is one of two games that are reportedly in development at EA, based on Jason Schreier’s article on Kotaku (which also confirmed the cancellation of a spinoff to Star Wars: Battlefront). One of the games being developed is a sequel to last year’s Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order at Respawn. The other, smaller project, is reportedly being developed by EA Motive.

Project Maverick has been mentioned to be the latter, as shared by Jason Schreier on Twitter:

EA has not officially unveiled anything in light of this leak, but whatever it is, it’s exciting to see just what kind of game Project Maverick is.

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